We are free Imran to fricise his Muslims – M Azad Ansari

Imran should fricise his Muslims – Naseeruddin Shah

 We have complete freedom, Imran should fricise his Muslims – M Azad Ansari
Virendra Chaudhary
New Delhi. Film actor Naseeruddin Shah comes in a statement that he is a franc of his children, somewhere preventing a crowd from hitting him, do not say “What is your religion”
On this, PAK Prime Minister Imran Khan ridiculed how we would show Modi, what kind of behavior is with minorities. Acting on this, actor Nasiruddin Shah expressed strong objection that “he should take care of his house“. In our country, democracy is restored for 70 years, we know how we have to take care of ourselves.
Former BJP convenor and member of BJP Worker and Worker’s Cell, and member Urdu Academy M Azad Ansari expressed their acrimonious reaction. Ensari instructed Imran Khan whether Pak Prime Minister Imran Khan knows that Muslims of Pakistan go to mosques to read Namaz They are afraid, they will not be a bullet someday. Hindustan Muslims go to mosques only, sit down anywhere on the streets to pray Namaz, he has complete freedom.M Azad Ansari has said that Imran is frantic for Pak Muslims. Muslims in India are the safest in the world. He said that Muslims in Modi Raj is completely safe. While Imran knows he is not safe himself.
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