The real face behind BJP’s honest face – Virendra Chaudhary

New Delhi. National Vice President of Azad Bharat Congress Virendra Chaudhary issued a statement saying that the people of the country have been earning money in the temple mosque, the BJP team is earning.
Virendra Chaudhary said that in a sting operation, Private Secretary of BJP Ministers Om Prakash Rajbhar Omprakash Kashyap, Private Secretary of Minister Archana Pandey, SP Tripathi and Sandeep Awasthi, private secretary of Sandeep Singh, liajing to work in their respective departments. Are visible. This is the real face behind the BJP’s face.
Virendra Chaudhary, National Vice-President of Azad Bharat Congress, said that the BJP has been doing the same since independence. Now the real crocodiles were saved on the pretext of investigating private secretaries. Everyone knows who the private secretary is working on, and whom to work for.

He said that the public has been feeling awe of corrupt political parties, and is looking for new leadership.He said that the Independent India Congress is bringing sincere options. Senior Advisor of the Party Professor Begraj Singh appealed to the youth to use India’s independence under the leadership of Azad Bharat Congress to break the political-administrative alliance of corruption and build India’s dream of martyrs and ancestors

Senior party leader Pawan Bansal said that the youth wants change now and the independent India Congress is ready to fight the fight for the youth. On this occasion, Amit Vashishta, Ved Pal Singh, Tilu Chaudhary, Satbir Singh, Gajendra Singh, Yunus Pradhan Hut slums are present.


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