Kadar khan’sBorn 11 December 1937-Kabul, Afghanistan Died: 1 January 2019:: Local train changed luck  

Virendra Chaudhary
When the name of actor Kader Khan comes to the notice of the Golden Curtain, many forms of Kader Khan begin appearing before the eyes. Many road signs, some billionaire villains, sometimes Dayavan, were seen in the role of comedians somewhere.But behind this golden curtain If you look at Kader Khan, then the character of a poor common man will be seen in that character
Kader Khan was born in a super-intermediate family. When the children were small, tension took place in the parents about the economic situation, which caused their divorce. In view of domestic circumstances, their mother had to make a second marriage. After Nirachah, she never got married from her father.

A word from Ammi ……

Due to the circumstances, the mother had to work, seeing that Kadar used to become a batch. He thought of working for running the house. But once you say to mother only once, “You only meditate on your meditation”. After this, Kader Khan never saw work. Studying was their destination. He took a diploma in civil engineer. Along with reading, he participated in socio-cultural activities and started directing the dramas.

After his studies, continuing the play along with the teacher’s job as a teacher in the M.H. Sbo Siddiq College of Engineering, Byculla, Mumbai suburb of Mumbai. He had a play ‘Local Train’. Come see Dalip Kumar. Dalip Kumar was so impressed with the local train staging that he gave Kader Khan an opportunity to work with him in “Bairag” and “Sagina Mahato”. You say that drama local train changed the fate of Kader Khan. After that Kader Khan never looked back and looked back.
Today he is not in the world, but his memories will always be alive on the golden screen.

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