Saharanpur-The city failed to riot

The city failed to riot- Police officer and councilor team done big job-Arvind Neb

Saharanpur.After investigating the horror of the poster of the religious rituals on the outer wall of the Baugeshwar temple and the mischief of giving it a traitor, the regional activist Tinku Arora and the activation of his team and the understanding of the Deputy Superintendent of Police Indu Siddhartha and on the timely investigation The name of Rajiv Goyal has come up, which the police has called in and has not yet interrogated, due to which the role of leader of a ruling party Security is generally discussed.
The procedure which was adopted was on the radar of the police, who said that in the city’s Fiz to dissolve communal poison and put the Pakistan-backed slogans. With the active support of the police and the support of the residents of the area, the matter has been postponed, but it is difficult to say that its efforts will not happen again.

In the outer wall poster case of the Bageshwar temple, the residents demanded action from the first CO.

Saharanpur: On Monday night, a poster related to a religious program on the outer wall of the company garden of Bageshwar temple was known on which some people gave the soiree vessel, in the investigation of the police, only the temple that was found in the CCTV cameras was found in the camera. Boys were no relation to the outer people
The person who tried to spoil the atmosphere while trying to mislead the police, a large number of Hindus and Muslims gathered in the area along with the councilor Tinku Arora today, brought the CO first with Tahrir against the person named Rajiv Goel and spoiled the atmosphere. A case has been registered against Rajiv Goyal, who had given false information, and demanded action.In the same connection, the first information was received by CO First Smt. Indu Siddhartha, which has been received by the person who tried to spoil the atmosphere by misleading the police, legal action will be taken against him.

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