Uttarakhand Navnirman sena expresses concern over unlimited behavior at Doon Hospital

Dehradun.Uttarakhand Navnirman sena  interacted with hospital authorities in connection with unauthorized occupational health arrangements and unlimited practices by patients from Doon Hospital in the state and protested.
Organization organization said that in 18 years since the state’s creation, Uttarakhand’s common man is far from fundamental rights like healthcare. It is not that there is no talk of schemes or services in the state, or plans have not been created, but the gap between schemes and common people is very big, due to which the common man is still a victim of exploitation.
In the Doon Hospital located in Dehradun, there is a continuation of the inadequacies in health. Dehradun, where the government representatives of the state reside, these circumstances are there, the situation of the situation in the rest of the state is thought to be the situation. Sometimes a child in a toilets and a brother who carries a brother’s body on the shoulders, we are silent witnesses of such unfortunate incidents.

The sensations are breaking up so much that this was revealed from the recent incident when Doon Hospital doctors refused to treat the treatment of a 4-year-old girl from Tehri in Tehsil and it was said that till the police action was not done that treatment Will not provide this kind of unfortunate attitude is a problem on humanity and human sensibilities. Apart from this, the unlimited behavior of hospital administration is also a big question on the functioning of the administration. The treatment is the fundamental right of every person living in the state, but if the common man is deprived of his right, then there can be no unfortunate situation,State Health Minister, the Chief Minister of the state, demanded through a memorandum that such a strong and powerful step should be taken to curb the immatuses

On this occasion, Manish Kala, Satish Saklani, Yashpal Arya, Ruby Khan, Sushil Kumar, Sunanda Thapa, Sunita Chhetri, Sonal Chauhan, Rajesh Kumar, Jaykit Kandwal etc. were present.

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